Located in Greystanes, we are part of the Christian community in Holroyd in Sydney's western suburbs - active in combined churches ministry in youth, schools, retirement villages, community liaison and Ministers' Fellowship activities.  We believe there is only one church, represented by many expressions of local fellowship.  We are committed to growing primarily from evangelism, not by transfer, and enjoy a healthy relationship with many other churches in our area that are similarly committed to the Lordship of Christ and reaching the unchurched with the good news.
We are excited to announce that our annual camp will be back on for 2021 at Camp Kedron with guest speakers  Jeremy and Linda Rensford.  
Click here to download the form, and email the office to register newlife@hnlc.org.au
COVID-19 UPDATE 1st April 2021
At Holroyd New Life Church we continue to welcome members and visitors to our Sunday services.
The NSW government has significantly eased COVID protocols from Monday 29th March in the following ways: restrictions around singing, common objects (Bibles, toys, Communion, offering bags etc) have been removed.
The following areas of COVID-safety remain in place for the time being for Places of Worship:
  • 1. Self-exclusion for those with any symptoms and those who have been directed to isolate by NSW Health
  • 2. Attendance capped at 1 person per 2 square metres (maximum 112 people at the Greystanes Community Centre upstairs)
  • 3. 1.5m physical distancing where possible
  • 4. Use of hand sanitiser at key points (entry, eating & drinking, communion etc)
  • 5. Attendance record keeping - if you are visiting please be prepared to have your name and contact details recorded by our greeting team.
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