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HNLC Library List
Members and attenders are welcome to browse the lists of library books and email the office ( request a book.
HNLC Library List by Title
HNLC Library List by Author

Holroyd New Life Church SRE
Holroyd New Life Church is an Authorised Provider of Special Religious Education in NSW and members of our church teach in the local primary and high schools. This page provides more information on our involvement, curriculum and teacher training.

Holroyd Combined Churches and the Holroyd Christian Ministers Fellowship
for updated news and activities that affect the combined Christian witness in the Holroyd district

LifeLine Ministries Southern Africa
Since 1982 our church has been involved in LifeLine Ministries in Southern Africa.  We helped fund their extensive "paper preachers and teachers" literature ministry, and now the Ministry Development program. Our prayer is it will help you fire up with Holy Spirit passion for the plight and opportunities that exist RIGHT NOW within our sphere of influence! It features up-to-date reports on the Zimbabwe crisis. We pray; we give; and some of us go!  

Holroyd New Life Church Facebook page   You can find us on Facebook or Instagram by searching “HolroydNewLifeChurch”

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