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Lifeline Ministries Southern Africa began as an evangelistic and basic discipleship ministry as part of Emmanuel Press, which began in South Africa under David Newington in 1945.  In 1976, during UDI, because the border closures prevented literature getting through, Pastor Ron Davies received a call from God to relocate to Salisbury (now Harare).  See the menu for a more full history of Lifeline's formation and development over the years.

Holroyd New Life Church has supported the ministry of Lifeline Ministries Southern Africa since 1982. This site is dedicated to providing up-to-date information on what is going on in LMSA's ministries.  It is done primarily from an Australian perspective, aiming at increasing awareness particularly in Australia / New Zealand of the work LifeLine does in Southern Africa.  We aren't website development experts.  You won't find any bells and whistles here....  but we hope the information, reports, and photos inspire more folks to get involved in what we know firsthand is a "good work in the Gospel"!

Stress has been on a balance of Christian activity that emphasises development of local ministry potential, while also developing self-help programs of food and work provision, relief ministry, literature publications for evangelism and basic Bible and Leadership training.  In Australia, the emphasis has shifted more recently to supplying resources to resource centres being established for all the ministers and leaders in a local area.

In addition to financial contributions, a certain amount of material aid has also gone - clothing, shoes, medical and pharmacy donations, educational materials (the amount often determined by the kindness of airline staff and stretched weight allowances!).  Donations collected and distributed go a long way towards practical assistance and helping equip nationals for ministry in their own countries!

Donations made by concerned people are added to our own church's regular remittances, and everything goes on 100%  for use in Southern Africa.  We take care to direct funds specifically to where a donor requests (e.g. Sparrows Nest orphanage in Mozambique has received wonderful help from this kind of giving).  We pray continually that God will bless and enlarge our storehouse so we can give again and again!  Over the months and years ahead!   

Our own church has been involved in the outworking of this vision for many years, not only in financing and praying for the program, but sending teachers to be an active part of the Lifeline Ministry Development courses.  See the stop press below for further news on this.

We hope you are inspired to become a Friend of Lifeline too by your visit here!

We ensure every cent given gets forwarded to Africa. Absolutely NO admin. costs are taken out.  If you are interested in helping, or contributing, or would like regular updates sent to you, contact us.  And we keep a close firsthand eye on where the aid is distributed (something that is more difficult to do in some larger relief organisations where 30%+ normally goes to cover admin costs, and close relational ties are not so easily formed with those receiving assistance).  Other collection agencies exist for Lifeline around the world - go to contact details...

Please direct any enquiries to newlife@hnlc.org.au.  You can deposit direct by telegraphic transfer into the bank account of Holroyd New Life Church (BSB 062-428,  a/c  2803 1618), but please email us advising what you want done with the donation).

If you're interested in supporting Lifeline in any way, or receiving regular news, contact us at this email address, or call (61) 02-98962514.

What can we do?

Here's the practical situation right now...


Holroyd New Life Church, 106A Jersey Rd, Greystanes, NSW  2145  newlife@hnlc.org.au


Reports of various African Lifeline activities follow.
These respect the cultural sensitivities of the regions personnel are active in....  updates over three years old are filed under Older Updates).

Lifeline Online is now available on the Internet.  It is an attempt to provide basic resource materials from God's word for ministry development - to people unable to travel to places of group lectures and discussions.  Go there and have a look!  And there is no cost.


Stop Press Summary Updates (under 5 years old)

Visits have been affected by the Current COVID pandemic for the past two years
With the cessation for the past two years of international travel, the benefit of WhatsApp has been vital for the continued communications around the Lifeline Network.  However, the Ministry Training Programs have continued internally and very encouraging results have already been evident, despite the lockdowns and lack of outside teaching visitors.

July 2019 Devastation in Central Mozambique after Cyclone Idai
Brian and Patrick Benison covered over 30 areas within Zimbabwe where Lifeline has some input into local Christian ministry development; they were assessing the current needs and opportunities, as well as catching up with the various Area Network Leaders and interested local leaders too.  Brian then travelled into Central Mozambique with Loxley Ford and Ishumairi Nyatsanza assessing the horrendous damage Cyclone Idai had caused, conducting a makeshift training program in Matarara, where the main church building had been swept away and the floodwaters had reached 4 metres above the only access road!  Loxley and Brian had to sleep in the 4WD, while Ishumairi slept in the rebuilt main church building!  An extensive update is available on request that is too extensive to be published here, including some of the unbelievable dramas we faced along the way!

October 2017 Developing Midlands Hospital
Details of the trip made by four New Life members - complete with several TIA moments! let the reader understand... - are posted here.  These are exciting days as local Lifeline Area Network leaders come forward to assume greater responsibility for the growing network of teaching, training, and resources supply activities.  People in the West are reluctant to assist / donate / supply help into African projects they don't have a reliable contact with through agencies like Lifeline.  And that's fair enough.  We are finding that a reliable name really does count for something, and our local Area Network Leaders have thus far proved themselves trustworthy....

In September 2017, the Zimbabwean Area Net work Leaders met for their second bi-annual Mini-Indaba in Gweru.  There they discussed and planned the further expansion of the growing network of Training Programs being rolled out, and the issues regarding the teachers, resources, and sending of the (mature-age) students back to their home churches, to benefit their own members.  This is part of the roll-out of what we have termed the 2 Timothy 2:2 vision -following the "Macedonian Call" (= "come here and help us " of Acts 16); there arises a responsibility to train local leaders to teach their own people skillfully.  Funding for this aspect of Lifeline's ministry development is ongoing.

August 2017 - Days 4 Girls Distributions continue

In 2016, Lifeline started distributing Days 4 Girls female hygiene kits for high school students (and female prisoners too) in poor areas of Zimbabwe.  These kits are assembled by volunteers coordinated through people associated with Rotary in Sydney.  The agreement was that we must be sure the kits would not end up being sold in markets, but would go to appropriate areas / schools / youth groups where we could be sure appropriate instruction would accompany their distribution.  See the great joy wherever they were distributed! 

This year, over 500 kits were assembled and shipped in the same container as the Hospital equipment (and another 1,600 donated books for libraries).  They have been separated into paks of 50 to 70 kits and taken to several regions of Zimbabwe where Lifeline has Area Network Leaders who can oversee their distribution and also ensure competent women can instruct the girls in getting three years use from the kits.  All have now been distributed and the response in the poorer districts has been uniformly very, VERY grateful. Click here for Weleza school thanks-speech.

July 2017 - Midlands Anglican Hospital Project

An up-to-date report on this project is now posted here....  Four members of Holroyd New Life Church left for Midlands on July 23rd for three weeks (Brian for five weeks).  Mainly working around the installation of equipment, and distribution of other Relief Aid resources.  The size and scope of this project is by far the most comprehensive undertaken in recent years!  The Midlands Anglican Bishop (Ishmael Mukuwanda) hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner at our completion, when 18 senior Anglican leaders invited our team to the Gweru Cathedral complex for a celebration and speeches.  They were captured here on video.

Other developments are captured on the extended Report of this visit, available on request.

March 2017 - Circuit Update on area developments

TEAM: Addmore Ncube and Ishumairi Nyatsanza.  Report prepared by I Nyatsanza.

PURPOSE OF THE VISIT: To strengthen and encourage brethren who are part of the Lifeline network.  (Acts 14:21 part B “Then they returned to Lystra, Iconium and Antioch, strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain true to the faith”)


From Harare I drove straight to Masvingo where I spend some good quality time with Enias Manzonzo and His family.  We had time to reflect back on how God had brought us together in Lifeline so that together we would advance the vision that God gave those who started this great organisation.  Our major focus was on how we would get the Lifeline training programs get going in the area.  From his experience Enias highlighted that it was unproductive to try and get it started especially in the cbd area where week in and week out seminars are being conducted by other organizations from local and outside of Zimbabwe. 

Those who would attend want to know what they would get if them attend.  This kind of behaviour is not relational but transactional and won’t amount to anything.  As we continued to discuss we later realised that he has some other branches of his church in the outskirts of Masvingo right in the rural areas.  This is about 15km out of Masvingo.  We really felt that God was directing us to those who are genuinely hungry for the word and who had never had opportunity to sit down and receive proper instruction in the word. 

We had time to pray about it and we really felt that it was the right move for us to go out into the rural part of Masvingo.  This coming Sunday he will be in the area and will meet with other Church leaders and share about Lifeline and what it offers to them in the form of ministry training programs and libraries.  Our time together was for a good course and very profitable.


From Masvingo I connected with Addmore as we took our visit to Takavarasha.  Unfortunately, the day before the whole region of Masvingo experienced heavy rains resulting in some floods that swept away two bridges in the area.  The one that was totally swept away was the one that we cross soon after coming off the Masvingo/ Zvishavane turn off into the dirt road that leads us to Takavarasha.  The other one was the one we cross when we are coming from the school where Cathias teaches.  They were totally cut off on both sides.  An elderly man was suspected to have been swept away by the floods as he was not being seen.  As a result of these mis-happenings we could not go to Takavarasha. 

We however managed to chat over WhatsApp and voice calls with Cathias over some of the things we would have wanted to discuss with him face to face.  One of the major things was also the issue on how we can get Lifeline Ministry Training Programs started in his area.  He is of the same mind with us on that the training is something that should have been started way back.  Knowing the type of people in his area he feels it’s something that would be welcome at any given time.  We encouraged him to begin to engage other church leaders on this issue and from there we will be available to help get the program started once we know how many people would have signed up for it. 


Our next stop was in Weleza where Addmore has a church there.  What a place and what a people who live in the area who are so hungry for the word of God.  Already some Ministry Training Program are taking place in the area.  We went around and were introduced to different people who are part of Addmore’s church and others who are from within the community.  I was touched by the love and the hospitality offered to us by the family who are assisting Addmore in the local work of the church there. 


From Weleza the next day we drove to Mazhou were we met with Khilias and Faith Toma.  We had some good quality time with the whole family.  This time around God has been faithful to them as the whole area is a green belt with crops in the fields doing quite very well.  Praise be to God.  Considering that the last time I was in the area, drinking water from the only remaining borehole was being rationed to 3 by 20 litre gallons per day. 


From Mazhou we proceeded to the Mkoba base in Gweru.  And from Gweru I drove back to Harare.  Addmore will be going to see Gresham in Kwekwe once to try and have the Ministry Training Program running in this year. 


From discussions and briefings that we had at different levels, we have noticed that our current situation has helped people to have their faith stretched to believe God for the impossible.  God has provided the answer through his word to every situation in both life, church and the world.


Dec 2014  Update from rural Takavarasha

from Cathias Mapiyawo - local high school teacher (and his wife, Sally, in charge of the AIDS clinic).... 

We are having 25 cells groups around our villages here. They meet twice a week on Mondays and Fridays between 6 & 7pm for prayer in their family homes. We are currently visiting these groups and encouraging spiritual growth. The Lord is enabling soul winning through these active cell groups and we feel motivated as we teach parents to ground children under the fear of the Lord while young.

Please pray for us we take responsibility to produce mature Christians who can wisely use the Bible in a relevant and responsible manner.  We are all fine and well. The Takavarasha Church loves you.  Cathias and Sally.

Reply from Brian - Dear Cathias and Sally, my heart leapt for joy when I read your response.  This kind of update makes the trips, time, effort, cost, and absence from my own home and members of my family all worthwhile! 

Cathias with new ablutions bloc built by Lifeline ^^^
Cathias with Ishumairi Nyatsanza 2013 convention at Takavarasha.

Older Stop Press Updates are filed under Older Updates...